Letter from 14 former Ethics Chairs to the APA Board stating how   "egregiously"  Hoffman "either misunderstood or intentionally                   mischaracterized the ethics program, its handling of individual cases,   and its adjudication procedures."   Many of whom Hoffman interviewed   concerning each of the major conclusions of the Report  8/3/18

 An Open Letter: Update on the Litigation 2/24/18

 An Open Letter: Update on the Litigation 1/10/18

 Release regarding filing of the Complaint 2/16/17

 Letter from former Ethics Chairs 10/24/2016

 Reply to Soldz and Reisner 8/2/2016

 Open Letter to the Board, Council, Staff and Members from Past  Presidents of  APA 6/12/2016

 Division 42: Resolution Regarding the Conduct of the Board  6/8/2016

 Our Third Response: Why is the APA so Committed to Re-engaging the    Author of a False Report to Review His Own Work? 5/21/2016

 Second Letter from the Former Ethics Chairs 5/15/2016

 APA Response to Former Ethics Chairs 4/2/2016

 Reply to the Critics 3/11/2016

 Open Letter to the Membership 2/29/2016

 Fact Sheet for Council 2/18/2016

 Letter from the Former Ethics Chairs 2/16/2016

 Division 19: Task Force Response 11/2015

 Division 13: A Call for Broader Engagement and Action 11/20/2015

 Our Second Response: Hoffman's Key Conclusion False: The Omission    of Key Documents and Facts Distorts the Truth 10/26/2015

 Our Request for Mr. Hoffman's Supporting Notes and Documents 8/2015

 Our First Response 7/31/2015

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