1.   Recent APA Post from Dr. Susan McDaniel Regarding Re-engagement 5/13/2016

2.   Engagement Letter Sidley Austin LLP and APA 11/20/2014

3.   Listserv Request for Notes and Other Documents 9/7/2015

4.   Board Response to Council Regarding Privileged Status of Documents 10/29/2015

5.   Council Notes 8/2015

6.   Council Notes 8/2015

7.   Timeline Review Process Chart 5/15/2016

8.   Raymond Interview 3/13/2013

9.   Soldz Interview 5/24/2012; 5/30/2013 

10.  Excerpt from Draft Chapter Seven of Pay Any Price Deleted from Final Text 1/5/2012

11.  Memo Analyzing Gerwehr Emails from Nathaniel Raymond to James Risen 9/12/2011

12.  Memo to FBI from Nathaniel Raymond 10/15/2012

13.  Reisner emails 5/7/2015; 3/10/2016

14.  Reisner chapter 2010 and interview 4/30/2013

15.  Letter from Hoffman and Sidley to Kaslow and McDaniel Regarding his "Factual"                         Conclusions 8/3/2015

16. Nadine Kaslow's video statement regarding Hoffman's factual findings 7/2015

17. Severance payments for key staff reported to Council (including 1.3 million for the CEO as          detailed under the Financial Report tab/link) 8/2015

18. The head of the Special Committee, Dr. Nadine Kaslow, dancing at the CEO's severance             party 12/11/2015

19. PENS Guidelines 6/22/2018

20. Norman Anderson's email to the General Counsel of APA and others re investigation by the        FBI and SASC of much of the same material reviewed by Hoffman 10/24/2014

21. Investigation of medical personnel involvement in abuse 5/2005

22. News conference referenced on PENS listserv 7//2005

23. Obama review of Guantanamo requesting additional BSCT support 2/2009

24. APA Counsel acknowledgement that APA has fiduciary duty to fix the Report 2/2016

25. APA 2016 President email regarding rehiring of Hoffman to fix the Report 4/15/2016

26. Reported Costs Associated with the Investigation 7/13/2018

27. Example: Letter from APA Undercutting Hoffman's Findings 7/13/2017

28. Evidence in Hoffman's possession that is still available on APA's website that undercuts his        findings 4/06

29. Another witness steps forward to demonstrate Hoffman had a preconceived narrative                  drawn from the critics into which he selectively fit evidence. He ignored anything that didn't          fit his narrative refusing to discuss alternative topics with witnesses. The APA Board has              been aware of this since at least May without disclosing it to Council during their most                recent deliberations 8/25/2018

30. Hoffman's preconceived narrative guided his interviews instead of following his charge (and        as he represents he did in the Reports) to follow all the evidence 4/2018

31. "The Hoffman Report is full of speculation, unsubstantiated evidence, and innuendo."                  8/27/2018

32. In spite of a clear conflict of interest APA rehires David Hoffman and Sidley Austin LLP to            fix their Reports a third-time but they refuse to fix either of them in spite of clear evidence in        their possession demonstrating the Reports' falsehoods, the APA Board's admissions                  the Reports contain clear falsehoods, and the APA's in-house counsel's statements to its            governing Council that APA has a fiduciary duty to fix the Reports. 4/15/ 2016                              See Resnick AffidavitAdmission of APA Counsel from APA Council Meeting.  2/2016

33. APA notifies all Council members that it has removed the landing page for the Independent        Review and the first version of the Report from its website. Plaintiffs obtain multiple                      statements from witnesses that APA General Counsel, Deanne Ottaviano falsely                          represented to the APA  Council of Representatives during the August 10, 2018 Council              meeting that the Plaintiffs have refused APA settlement offers and that the first version of            the Report was was not posted APA on the APA website. Ottaviano again calls out and                threatens witnesses who assist Plaintiffs and reiterates APA's intention to                                    inappropriately draw out the lawsuit and deplete Plaintiffs' resources. (On September                   10, 2018 Hoffman, Sidley Austin, and APA filed a request with the D.C. Court to                          further delay Plaintiffs' ability to reach the merits. See DC Litigation item 21.)                               8/21/2018

34. On August 21, 2018 APA announced to all Council members via email that APA had                    revised and republished the APA timeline. Through an interactive link to the APA timeline            provided in her email, and with the clear intention of reaching a wider audience than just              those on the APA Council, APA through and on the direction of its General Counsel,                   Deanne Ottaviano, intentionally republished the September 4, 2015 Hoffman Report                   with David Hoffman's, Sidley Austin's and APA's clear knowledge and admissions of the             falsehoods permeating in the Report. This anticipated republication was documented                   with the DC Court on July 23, 2018 and that document was served on Defendants'                       counsel. 8/21/2018

35.  APA adds substantial new timeline content discrediting Hoffman's and Sidley's findings               including: 1) The Division 19 Task Force Report Discrediting Hoffman's and Sidley's                     findings, 2) February 16, 2016 and May 15, 2016 (Hoffman's and Sidley's conflicts of                   interest) letters from the former Ethics Chairs, 3) June 12, 2016 letter from former APA                 Presidents, and an 4) "entry for February 16, 2017 stating, 'Five plaintiffs filed a lawsuit               against the Association arising out of the publication of the Independent Review." (That               complaint and the others identified the two copies and locations of two versions of the                 Reports on the APA website, see Ottaviano false representations to Council set forth in               33). 8/21/2018 


he Hoffman Report is full of speculation, unsubstantiated evidence, and innuendo.The Hoffman Report is full of speculation, unsubstantiated evidence, and innuendo.The  The Hoffman Report is full of speculation, unsubstantiated evidence, and innuendo.The Hoffman Report is full of speculation, unsubstantiated evidence, and innuendo.

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